Do you know what you're getting from your HVAC System "Maintenance Agreement"?

Do you know what you’re getting from your HVAC “Maintenance Agreement”?

A maintenance agreement is more than a formality, it is an essential part of the care and upkeep of your system-critical heating, air conditioning, and boiler room equipment.

The ACSI Group “Needs Evaluator” can help you prioritize your needs and build a maintenance contract that works for you throughout the life of your HVAC system. Use the Evaluator to review your existing Service Program. Are the services you’re paying for actually being done? Use the Evaluator to solicit bids with specific tasks you have elected to have performed. Why pay us if your In-House personnel are capable of performing certain tasks? You decide who does what, and our personnel will work collaboratively with yours.

Your Agreement Should Include:

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • A summary of labor costs for maintenance visits
  • A list of priority services relevant to your equipment/location

Maintenance Plan Benefits:

  • The “Needs Evaluator gives you critical information that will empower you to make informed decisions about your MSMP.
  • Preventative and routine maintenance so you can stay ahead of possible failures.
  • A Plan of Action in case an event occurs.
  • On-call Emergency Service

Next Steps:

  • Provide us with a list of the equipment you want to have maintained.
  • ACSI will meet with you and your maintenance staff together, to assign the tasks and frequency you want to have them performed, based on our ACSI Group Needs Evaluator System.
  • ACSI will fashion an MSMP designed specifically for your facility, based upon your elections.
  • ACSI will submit our proposal for this MSMP with multi-year options.

The Process is efficient and straightforward. Call our 24 Hour Line at 773-737-9200.

Let’s build a partnership for servicing your other equipment…Outside of the Boiler Room!