"The gentleman who serviced this am was great and so far running good. It's so good to know you are so close and are going to be able to do our repairs when needed. I am So glad I found you on the Internet. I wish I knew about your company years ago."
Therese P- Owner
"I was pleased with the service call this morning especially that they were there for the 7:00 start time."
Bill R- Engineer
"Matt was out yesterday (the boiler that we just replaced the mod motor on was going into flame failure) & he pinpointed the problem immediately and took care of it quickly. I was very pleased with the service call, especially Matt."
Bill D- Engineer
"I think I have a new favorite tech, Matt and his helper, Jay did a great job. This morning all went well, hopefully no more unexpected troubles."
David R- Director of Manufacturing
"I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy service we received with the gas booster.Robert and Vic helped us out tremendously with this. I even learned a bit from those two."
Billy M- Engineer

On Monday December 19th I had a terrible falling out with my vendor who had been servicing my high temp furnace for more than 20 years. I started searching the internet at 4 pm and calling people for recommendations but I barely slept Monday night in a panic that I wouldn’t find someone who was competent AND available to get my furnace up and running again.

On Tuesday December 20th I picked up the phone and dialed the first number on my list- ACSI. I was pleasantly greeted, and passed to Debbie. I explained my situation and she showed kind attention to the details and listened to what my needs were. I was willing to pay for time and a half to make sure I was up and running again- but that would have meant missing my daughters Christmas pageant at school since the probability of a technician being able to arrive during normal business hours was slim.

About an hour later Debbie called to inform me that a service tech had an opening and would be there shortly. The torrential rain clouds finally started to part the skies and there was a small sigh of relief.

Chuck arrived and quickly got to work assessing the situation. He was kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and took the time to answer my questions and help me have a better understanding of what was exactly going on. He didn’t rush to try to get out- even though it was freezing cold with warm gear on. He provided outstanding service with a pleasant demeanor the entire time.

After finalizing the service call I paid my bill, and he was on his way. He said- please call the office and let them know how the furnace is in the morning. I thought- wow- he obviously takes pride in his work and he cares.

On Wednesday morning, December 21st, I was informed by the first employee in the building that the furnace had kicked off over night. My heart sank…here I go again…so I called in to the answering service and left a message with the details asking for Chuck to call me when he had a chance.

Chuck called and we talked about what had happened. He had another call to go on but he was certain he was going to make it back out to me today. He put a game plan together and told me what to do so I would be totally ready for him upon his arrival. Then he called at least 3 more times to make sure I was following the game plan he put into action and to make sure I was gathering information for him.

He arrived around lunch time and again got right to work on the furnace. Less than 4 hours later we were back up and running. He wrote up the ticket in my office and in big bold letters wrote “no charge per chuck”. When he handed me the ticket to sign I was stunned. I was not only blown away by his service, but his kindness, care for his work and customer satisfaction were so clear.

He is exactly what customers need and what employers are lucky to have. I thanked him over and over when he was leaving; but please pass this on so that he can truly receive the recognition he deserves.

I know I’m a new customer with only one service call- but I’m so happy to have found your company knowing that I can call and things will be handled quickly, professionally, and effectively.

Thank you again to everyone who helped in my time of crisis.

Jill B- Manufacture Owner
"I just wanted to comment on the outstanding job ACSI Mechanical Group did when they rebuilt our oven the week of May 16th. They were professional and courteous in all respects. I really appreciate the willingness to work around the clock to get us back on line. I also appreciate their dedication to doing things correctly the first time and ensuring that we had a safe oven to operate. The oven has operated perfectly since the rebuild."
Dan G- Maintenance Manager
"I just wanted to express how happy I am with American Combustion, looking forward to a long working relationship, (I really never forget great service)"
James J.- Plant Operations Manager
"Thanks again for all of your help. You guys really came through for me when I needed it the most."
Duffy L.- Project Engineer