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At ACSI Mechanical Group, we pride ourselves in providing specialized maintenance and installation services to help you reduce risks, lower costs, and maintain your facilities.

In addition to service, mechanical, refractory, and piping Services, we offer a full suite of boiler services, with the addition of American Boiler & Tank Repair. 

During boiler normal wear & tear, boilers are prone to inefficiency and sediment build-up. This leads to higher energy bills and a boiler that will result in a shorter life, which means higher expenses for your company.

The experts at American Boiler & Tank Repair know how important your boiler is and are dedicated to proper boiler service, maintenance & repair. 

Boiler Repairs

If your current boiler begins to malfunction (leak), you need an experienced contractor to provide prompt and dependable repair service.

Whether it’s a repair to your existing boiler equipment or a full boiler replacement installation, our team of experts will help you determine the best solution for your unique situation and advise you of the most cost-effective way of solving your problems! 

In the event of a cost-saving repair, we can perform all necessary steps, including retubing, patch welding, refractory, & high efficient burner upgrades to meet your needs!

Boiler Installations

In some situations, we may find signs of boiler degradation past the point of repair and determine that a boiler replacement is in your best interest. 

If this is the case regarding your boiler, our seasoned staff will arrive on-site quickly and review all options with you. Together, we will work to find the appropriate solution for your situation and offer an accurate price estimate.

Once you decide to move forward with our recommendations, we will work quickly and efficiently in order to make sure that the installation is completed to your satisfaction.

Boiler Maintenance

To keep your boiler running in top shape, we recommend scheduling yearly boiler maintenance.

Doing so prevents wear and tear from compromising your boiler, as well as making sure it is constantly in good working condition.

You may also find that scheduling yearly maintenance and service checks are a condition of your boiler’s warranty.

Give us a call and schedule your yearly boiler maintenance with us today.

Boiler Descaling

Boilers are in need of descaling for numerous reasons.

Some of the main reasons are lack of/or improper chemical treatment, improper boiler “blowdown”, and neglect of frequent boiler water testing!

Depending on your boiler design and size, chemically descaling your boiler may be the most effective and economical way of cleaning the boiler.

If you are experiencing any concerns, call us for a free evaluation.

Stack Installation

The type of stacks and ductwork used in a boiler’s installation can have a major impact on the boiler’s successful operation and safety of the boiler. It’s important to have a smooth transitional flow to maintain proper boiler draft performance. 

The higher combustion intensity of certain units can become more susceptible to upsets in the flow of flue gas downstream of the furnace. This type of upset or turbulence often feeds back into the combustion chamber, resulting in combustion noise or rumbling. This can easily damage equipment.

Our team can fully evaluate your boiler’s stacks and alleviate any problems you may have.

We deal with single wall stacks, double-wall stacks, insulated and non-insulated stacks – depending on your application. 

Tank Repairs

In the US, it is required that all ASME Code tank repairs and alterations be made in accordance with National Board Code. At American Boiler & Tank Repair, our professional team is fully certified and can handle any pressure vessel tank repairs you may need. 

Moreover, our team’s deep knowledge of all particular tank specifics, allows us to make on-demand repairs as needed. We are licensed, fully insured, and have the stellar reputation that comes with 37 years of service in our respective field! 

Steel Fabrication

From design to delivery, American Boiler & Tank Repair’s custom metal fabrication process produces durable, quality results that deliver long-term value to your business.

Our team has the experience to determine the best materials and methods for your business to cost-effectively produce any unique fabrication design. We design with industry-specific regulations and requirements in mind and identify all components needed to serve as building blocks for the final project. Our fabrication will meet your desired outcome, which is added value. 

The American Boiler & Tank Repair experience

At American Boiler & Tank Repair, we have decades of hands-on experience that allows us to exceed all of your boiler needs. Our fully licensed, insured boilermakers dedicate themselves to every project, traveling to your location with excellent craftsmanship and a trustworthy approach that will deliver successful results. 

In addition, our experts are ASME-authorized with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certification Program. We are proud to have all required ASME BPVC Certificates and Stamps, including all types of welding and “R” Stamp (REPAIR) Certifications.

We are a “ONE STOP SHOP” for all your Boiler Room needs.

Whether you want a second opinion on boiler repair, maintenance, service advisement, or need a new boiler, contact us today.

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