ACSI has remained an essential business at full capacity.

    New and Used Equipment

    ACSI has consulted and worked with hospitals, manufacturers, high rise residential, refineries, and heavy industrial industries to name a few. Regardless of industry, we know the critical nature of getting the right boiler, burner, high-temperature furnace, kiln, as well as heating and air conditioning units,  to meet your budget. Regardless of your choice to purchase new or used, you want your equipment to work like new and stay working with confidence.

    Purchasing new equipment such as boilers, burners, high-temperature furnace, kilns or other heating and air conditioning units can be too great of a financial investment for an owner or manager. Who do you turn to? ACSI and their extensive inventory of used equipment and parts. Here are a few choices:

    • Boiler Feedwater System (Used 2 Months)
      • Tank 250 Gallons
      • 2 Pumps
      • Steam Sparge Line For High Pressure Or Low-Pressure Boiler Application
    • Used/reconditioned fuel burners
    • Used gas boosters

    Call 773-737-9200 for pricing or to see what else is in stock!

    ACSI maintains an extensive inventory of brand name equipment, including:
    Air Conditioning Equipment
    Circulating Pumps
    Condensate & Vacuum Return Systems
    Control Valves
    Draft Controls
    Electrodes / Ignitors
    Flame Rods
    Flame Safety Controls
    Flame Scanners
    Gas Ignition Systems
    Gas Regulators
    Gas Valves and Actuators
    Heat Treating Equipment
    High-Temperature Furnace
    Linkage Swivel Joints & Rods
    Motor Starters
    Pressure Controls
    Proportional Motors
    Relief Valves
    Single and Multi-loop Controllers
    Safety High Limit Controls
    Spark Ignition Systems / Transformers
    Steam Traps
    Temperature Controls
    Thermocouples & RTD’s
    Valves and Actuators (electronic or pneumatic)


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