“No one else even suggested that …”

We hear this a lot from new customers. That’s because we honor what is right for our customers above all else.

We evaluate the life of combustion system components, analyze capacity, and future usage expectations. We look at a system’s maintenance expectations and the potential for modifications.

This approach keeps us customer-centric and has earned us high marks in the areas of experience, integrity and creative thinking.

Client Story: Congress Plaza Hotel

Chicago’s historic Congress Plaza Hotel required new boilers. Another consulting company came in and suggested they remove the existing three large boilers and replace them with nine smaller boilers. This approach was reasonable, but not practical. Then, they invited ACSI Mechanical Group to assess their situation.

The hotel’s level of hot water needs – especially during the well-known Lollapalooza event – greatly fluctuated and negatively impacted the guest experience.

ACSI Mechanical Group evaluated the life of the boilers and recommended that they should be rebuilt, including the installation of a brand new energy efficient Weishaupt burners.

The work was a success.

When the hotel reached its 875-room capacity and nearly 1400 people began to take showers simultaneously, the retrofitted boiler was in high demand and handled the situation “incredibly well” according to the hotel’s chief engineer.


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