Every penny counts when it comes to energy costs. Unfortunately, malfunctions, troubleshooting, and costs to repair and replace old equipment for your building’s boilers, HVAC, and burner systems can quickly add up.

Rather than starting over with a brand new (and costly) system, replacing only your burner with a new, high-efficiency burner can decrease your fuel costs and increase your energy savings by as much as 6%.

What’s Wrong with My Standard Burner?

Older, standard burners require about 20-30% excess air to burn fuel efficiently. These systems have difficulty repeating the fuel/air ratio input of gas and air.

A clear sign that your burner isn’t achieving complete combustion is the increase of carbon monoxide. If air and fuel aren’t being mixed and utilized properly, this produces CO and soot on the boilers’ heating surface, resulting in less energy output.

What is a High-Efficiency Burner, and How will it Help?

High-efficiency burners require about 5-10% excess air input to properly burn fuel. Less excess air means more efficiency.

Paired with an automatic oxygen control system (also known as Oxygen Trim) that can constantly monitor and adjust gas and air ratio, you can greatly increase your fuel efficiency.

In addition to saving money, the switch to high-efficiency burners results in fewer emissions, which will leave a positive impact on the environment. This is especially important to consider if your building is in an area with high emissions restrictions.

When Should I Replace My Burners, and How Long does this Typically Take?

Optimal burner conversion times vary between establishments, systems, and boiler sizes. ACSI Mechanical Group will determine the best time of year to replace your burners and upgrade your building’s system.

Oftentimes, ACSI Mechanical Group can complete high-efficiency conversions in 1-2 weeks without interrupting building operations.

Where Do the Savings Come In?

Because high-efficiency burners are able to reduce energy consumption, you’ll see savings over time as your energy bill decreases. Buildings that use burners year-round, heating, will see this pay off more quickly than buildings that only use their burners seasonally.

Additionally, ACSI Mechanical Group can help you cash in on incentives through the Small Business Energy Savings program. Energy providers like Amaron, Peoples Gas, NICOR and Nipsco offer monetary incentives to encourage energy efficiency projects from simple burner tune-ups to installing high efficient burners!

Many companies that make the switch to high-efficiency burners will see a return on their investment within 3 years of installation. ACSI Mechanical Group’s complimentary onsite energy assessments usually result in an estimated 6% savings.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Energy-efficient solutions and the resulting savings vary on a case-by-case basis, but ACSI Mechanical Group is dedicated to helping you get the best return on your investment as possible.

Presence St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, IL received more than $234,000 in rebates by updating their burners. Adventist Hinsdale Hospital also received a whopping $60,682 in rebates by switching to high-efficiency burners, and the resulting energy savings were equivalent to saving 249 acres of pine forests.

Ready to make the switch to high-efficiency burners and cash in on energy savings? Contact the burner specialists at ACSI Mechanical Group for more information and an energy savings burner analysis.