Happy New Year - ACSI

We all tend to make resolutions at the start of a New Year. Have you resolved to include Preventive Maintenance in your plans for 2019?

Preventive Maintenance ensures that your equipment runs at maximum efficiency with energy savings – it’s the smart and cost-effective approach to burner care.

Rather than waiting for a problem to appear, a Preventive Maintenance Service allows our Technicians to thoroughly inspect and clean your burner, inside and out. We’ll find and address any small problems before they become larger and more costly.

After adjusting and tuning up your burner for the best possible efficiencies attainable, we will provide a combustion report with our results, so you know that your boiler/burner is working as it should.

REBATES are still available for burner Tune-ups through the Utility Companies. We can assist you with the paperwork & procuring and taking advantage of the REBATE Program.

Some restrictions apply. We will assist you in any way we can with the application process.

Call our 24 hour Service Line at 773-737-9200 to get your Tune-Up REBATE now!

Frank Lacny
Frank founded American Combustion Service, Inc. & ACSI Mechanical in 1984. His consulting and specialized service capabilities for working on any type of fuel burner and/or fuel has earned ACSI a reputation as “burner specialists” in the community. Frank has trained and consulted for many groups and companies in Chicago and the Chicago Metropolitan Area. His areas of expertise include burner start-up work, unusual boiler room problem-solving situations, and general backup service support.


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