Photo of "Get Ahead of Winter" graphic from ACSI

The leaves are falling, and so are outdoor temperatures. Autumn has taken hold and winter won’t be too far behind. It’s time to make sure your system is ready for the cold weather, and a good place to start is with a refractory inspection.

Milder temperatures make autumn the perfect time for these inspections because we’ll need to first turn off and cool down the boiler, furnace, or oven for safety purposes. This cool-down period varies depending on the type of equipment and can take anywhere from four to 24 hours. If a shut-down isn’t possible for inspection, however, our experts can assess the refractory by taking a thermal image of its exterior. They will then advise you on appropriate next steps.

During a refractory inspection, ACSI’s professionals perform a visual examination to identify problems or potential problems. They will perform a “point and paint” maintenance procedure on small hairline cracks caused by normal wear and tear. They’ll complete that process with a high-temperature bonding or an air-dry mortar mix. They will also repair large cracks and fractures and replace missing pieces as needed.

A refractory failure in your boiler or production equipment can have a massive impact on your business, causing unexpected downtime, lost revenue, and undue stress, all of which are avoidable with the proper attention. The good news is that a refractory inspection allows ACSI’s experts to find and fix existing problems before they become larger issues.

The even better news? ACSI offers refractory inspections free of charge, so you have nothing to lose by scheduling one (other than the risk of an undetected refractory issue). Give us a call today before the real chill sets in. We’ll make sure you’re ready for it.

Frank Lacny
Frank founded American Combustion Service, Inc. & ACSI Mechanical in 1984. His consulting and specialized service capabilities for working on any type of fuel burner and/or fuel has earned ACSI a reputation as “burner specialists” in the community. Frank has trained and consulted for many groups and companies in Chicago and the Chicago Metropolitan Area. His areas of expertise include burner start-up work, unusual boiler room problem-solving situations, and general backup service support.