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Our name, American Combustion Service, Inc., might call to mind boilers and burners, and it should. We specialize in all types of fuel burners and have earned our reputation as the area’s top burner specialists. But our expertise isn’t limited to boilers and burners. We also specialize in piping.

Though you may not give them much thought, pipes are likely an instrumental part of your business. Depending on the type of system you have, pipes transport steam, gas, chilled water or hot water throughout your building, keeping your system working as it should and keeping you in business. If pipes leak, they can’t function properly, and neither will your system. This can affect the regular operation of your business and cost you money.

If you need repairs to or replacement of any type of industrial HVAC piping, ACSI’s experts can help. Our skilled, OSHA-trained pipefitters are members of the Local 597 Pipefitters Union and are ready to provide first-rate consulting and installation.

Our piping services include black, galvanized, copper, and stainless pipes for steam, gas, oil, chilled water, hot water, and process piping. Whether your pipes are welded, screwed, brazed, soldered, or pro-press (non-soldered copper), our professionals have the solution to your piping problems.

If your system has leaking pipes, don’t wait. Call our mechanical department today for a free estimate. And if you have a larger facility, we can help you add a pipefitter to your maintenance staff. Our approach simplifies the process: We keep the pipefitter on our payroll while you reap the benefits of regular professional expertise.

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Frank Lacny, President
American Combustion Service, Inc.

Frank Lacny
Frank founded American Combustion Service, Inc. & ACSI Mechanical in 1984. His consulting and specialized service capabilities for working on any type of fuel burner and/or fuel has earned ACSI a reputation as “burner specialists” in the community. Frank has trained and consulted for many groups and companies in Chicago and the Chicago Metropolitan Area. His areas of expertise include burner start-up work, unusual boiler room problem-solving situations, and general backup service support.