Photo of "Prepare for Peace of Mind" graphic from ACSI

As summer temperatures soar, we’re all thinking more about staying cool than keeping warm. But now is the perfect time to give some thought to your heating equipment so you’ll be ready when temperatures finally drop and the chill sets in.

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions. Addressing them will help give you peace of mind and a comfortable building when winter arrives.

Was your heating equipment running properly last heating season?
If you have a boiler:

When was the waterside last opened and flushed out?
When were the gaskets last replaced?
Has the fireside been cleaned and checked for leaks?
When was the refractory last inspected?
Are the safety controls operating properly?
Have the main gas valves been “bubble tested” for leak through?
When was the burner last taken apart, cleaned, and inspected internally and externally?
Has the burner been adjusted for ideal fuel/air ratios to run at top efficiency?

If you have a furnace and rooftop unit:

Have you had the heat exchanger inspected for cracks and holes that could allow dangerous fumes to enter your building?
When were the V-belts last replaced, the air filters changed, and the motors and bearings lubricated?


Frank Lacny, President

American Combustion Service, Inc.


Frank Lacny
Frank founded American Combustion Service, Inc. & ACSI Mechanical in 1984. His consulting and specialized service capabilities for working on any type of fuel burner and/or fuel has earned ACSI a reputation as “burner specialists” in the community. Frank has trained and consulted for many groups and companies in Chicago and the Chicago Metropolitan Area. His areas of expertise include burner start-up work, unusual boiler room problem-solving situations, and general backup service support.