"its beginning to heat up" graphic ACSI

We’ve waited a long time for the breezes of warm weather. I know I’m looking forward to spending time outside enjoying the summer with friends and family. There is a critical factor that stops all of the fun; getting a call from work that the air conditioning has stopped!

Most of these issues are easily resolved during the ACSI Spring Start-Up. BEFORE the warm weather arrives, our talented technicians have begun to inspect air conditioning systems, avoiding the usual rush.

Here’s what you can expect from an ACSI Spring Start up:

Check supply air fan and clean
Lubricate fan motors & bearings
Check running motor amps
Check all safety controls and electrical connections
Clean condenser coils
Clean cooling coils
Check refrigerant charge
Check and clean condensate drain
Replace filters using high efficiency filters
Replace V-belts
Check overall operation of your system, ensuring you peace of mind for the summer!

CALL OUR 24/7 – MAIN PHONE LINE… 773-737-9200 – To schedule your Spring A/C Start-Up!


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