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Wouldn’t you love it if your fuel-burning equipment could tell you if and why it was having a problem? Imagine the money that would save you!

The good news is that it can, with an upgraded Flame Safety Control. This important device ensures safe combustion within your boiler or oven.

How old is your existing Flame Safety Control? Has your old control earned its retirement?

Replacing your older, mechanical-style control with a new “state-of-the-art” version can save you time and money on service calls, and possible damage to your equipment. Upgraded models are fully electronic and have self-diagnostic features that tell you exactly what is going on with your burner, making troubleshooting fast and easy. The issue may even be something you can fix yourself.

Call us today and we will tell you more about how a new Flame Safety Control can make life easier for you. A little bit of re-wiring now can save you a lot of headaches later!

Frank Lacny
Frank founded American Combustion Service, Inc. & ACSI Mechanical in 1984. His consulting and specialized service capabilities for working on any type of fuel burner and/or fuel has earned ACSI a reputation as “burner specialists” in the community. Frank has trained and consulted for many groups and companies in Chicago and the Chicago Metropolitan Area. His areas of expertise include burner start-up work, unusual boiler room problem-solving situations, and general backup service support.